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Real Clear Markets: CA Has Hollywood, TX Has Oil, Delaware Corporations

Paul Atkins' opinion piece in Real Clear Markets:

The small coastal state known as "The First State" has been the undisputed champion of where companies choose to call home. In 2013, according to its secretary of state's annual report, 83% of all initial public offerings, nearly half of all publicly traded companies, and 65% of Fortune 500 companies have Delaware as their state of incorporation.

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Orange County Register: Now They Want a Bite of Your Mutual Fund

By Paul Atkins

Even with the stock market reaching all-time highs and many Americans smiling at the look of their 401(k) valuations, storm clouds are gathering in Washington and abroad that may mean higher costs for investors, lower returns in the long run and less freedom to cash out when that rainy day comes.

Read the full op/ed here:

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Opinion, In the NewsIanthe Zabel
Forbes: The Supreme Court's Opportunity To End Abusive Class Action Securities Lawsuits

By Paul Atkins

For the past 25 years, securities class actions have been a source of excessive and sometimes abusive litigation, reallocating billions of dollars from shareholders to lawyers.  The Supreme Court will soon hear a case, Halliburton v. Erica P. John Fund, with the potential to correct the anomaly in the law that has produced this peculiar result.

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Politico opinion: SEC disclosure rule too extreme

By Paul Atkins

The Securities and Exchange Commission is an independent agency charged with protecting investors; maintaining fair, orderly and efficient markets; and facilitating capital formation. Despite this clear mission, the SEC recently quietly disclosed that its staff is working on a rule-making that is antithetical to its goals and raises serious questions about the agency’s independence.

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In the News, OpinionIanthe Zabel
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