Patomak is committed to helping financial services companies prosper in one of the most challenging legislative, judicial, and regulatory environments in history.
— Paul Atkins, Patomak CEO

Patomak is driven by our mission to manage the operational, compliance, and reputational challenges facing companies and organizations of all sizes. Our work enables our clients to perform at their best: focusing on innovation, staying ahead of the competition, responding to marketplace developments, and maximizing profitability.

We approach our work through two lenses: a magnifying glass - scrupulously analyzing the details of our clients' unique circumstances to develop a custom plan, and a telescope - anticipating trends on the horizon to help position our clients for long-term success. 

We support our clients by providing:

  • Unparalleled strategic advice to overcome regulatory challenges;
  • Risk management and compliance services to enhance competitiveness; and,
  • Enforcement and litigation support to improve outcomes.