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Patomak Global Partners, LLC is a specialized consulting firm that provides strategic regulatory advice, risk management and compliance services, and enforcement and litigation support to enable our clients to meet the requirements of a rapidly changing regulatory environment. Our clients include broker-dealers, investment funds and advisers, institutional investors, commercial banks and insurance companies, and other leading business organizations in the United States and abroad. Our professional team includes two former Commissioners and a former General Counsel of the Securities and Exchange Commission, a former member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, and others with diverse backgrounds and senior management experience in both public and private sector leadership positions.

Our mission: to help our clients manage operational, compliance, and reputational risks, protect institutional assets, and maximize the profitability of business franchises. We work diligently as a trusted advisor for businesses of any scale, and we regularly team with law firms, accounting firms, and other specialized advisory firms to bring seamless solutions to our clients.

Recent News and Events

11/20/2014: Paul Atkins to speak on panel on "Inside the SEC: Corporation Finance Issues," at the SEC Hot Topics Conference at the Mid-America Club in Chicago, Illinois

11/14/2014: Paul Atkins moderated Federalist Society's National Lawyers Convention Panel "Credit to Cronies: Government's Heavy-If-Hidden-Hand," at The Renaissance Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C.

11/06/14: Paul Atkins and Jill Sommers quoted in the Heartland Institute's blog on "The Unfinished Dodd-Frank Act"